Re-imagining the site..

Alternate title: having a plan in the first place.

So I imagine it's pretty clear that my site has "just growed", in that after my first site, a decade or so ago, in which I actually designed it and then built it by hand, the subsequent sites have all been Content Management System (CMS) based.

This has been great from a "slapping crap onto the site" perspective, but a nightmarish POS from an esthetic/personalization standpoint.

So this time I'm going to do my whole site as a Flash-based design.


*Phwahahahaha* Ok, no, so seriously - I need to actually out this sucker back together with a structure and a look.

Drupal is cool, but it's bone-ugly and really allows you to make a hella mess of things. This I believe I have done.

(Trust me on this, you'd have to see how many modules I have enable here. Really. Hellish.)

So what interest does this provide to you, the 6 (check Google Analytics), ok, 9 people who actually visit here?

Beats the hell out of me, but expect things to change.

(and for anyone who's been following this for a while, I'm sure you're making a note in your address book to check this site in 2-3 years to see it when it goes live.)

Wish me luck!